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Sharing what inspires me, on my journey of becoming. Everything from healthy eats, city exploring, and everything else that brings positive vibes!

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At Becoming Designs by Haley Martin, my mission is to creatively support the branding needs of individuals and organizations who foster positive life practices. I believe in the benefits brought to life through services and practices of those who dedicate their lives to healing, nourishing, and guiding us to find balance. My goal is to inspire and support our world's positive lifestyle guiders, through authentic brand design, development, and elevation. I strive to see my clients thrive - to find success in their ventures, share their stories, and continue their journey of becoming. 



Hi, my name is Haley Martin!​


My life has been an amazing journey, full of growth, learning, and new opportunities. Over the years I have experienced challenges and heartbreak, but have learned the importance of surrounding myself with people who share positive, and inspiring life practices. I am very passionate about exploring the world, building relationships, and continuously discovering new things that make me thrive. 


My work experience has lead me through various industries - everything from small business restaurants to corporate fashion empires. I have been fortunate to have these opportunities, as they have taught me the roots of success, and the challenges of running your own business. I have worn all kinds of hats, everything from waitressing, to project management, to working as an executive assistant. Each path has taught me new skills, and has been an important building block to starting my own venture, Becoming Designs by Haley Martin 

I believe throughout our lifetime, we are continuously becoming. As we grow so does the rest of the world, and our purpose evolves. For me, I know my purpose now is - to support others using my creative skills, business mind and positive energy.